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Lynn, this is absolutely precious. Your caring, compassionate heart before the Lord for all the people you know and the world at large. It can overwhelm one which is one of the important points of your poem. It doesn't need to when we lean on Him which you also share so wonderfully. For He loves these people far more than we ever could and He has it all worked out. However as you graphically show in the beginning of your poem, hell is real and eternal and the soul that doesn't trust the Lord Jesus with his being will go there. Yet, praise be to God He does carry us. All He asks in return is that we love Him and one another. Hugs and Blessings girl, jerseygirl
Your heart always comes through in your poems and by doing so touches so many lives. I especially liked the last stanza and the comfort it gives.
Oh I loved this! Such beautiful thoughts, feelings, and powerful meaning and message. I adored the opening and the closing especially.

God Bless~
This is good. I especially love the last line.
I love and sensed the sweet Spirit of the Lord as I read this. Thw words seems to beautifully flow right off the pages onto my heart! I will definitely be looking for more of your writings in the future. I will read it one more time after I submit this!
What a lovely faith filled poem. A joy to read.
Beautiful, sad and hopeful...all at once. Masterful job.
I really appreciate your last line. Nicely done!
I live the build-up through the honest depictions of doubt and fear - towards the sure hope at the close. Great job
Oh, I love the tender invitation in the last stanza of this lovely poem! I don't know how any weary soul can resist it! The whole piece has such an excellent message!
The title was a beautiful fit to the invitation extended in the final stanza. Well done.
Well done in many ways, particularly in capturing the relief of the poem's narrator at being saved. I wish you'd developed the "wall" metaphor a bit--it's not clear what the wall represents, and you have souls lined up against it, and standing on it. Since it's the poem's main image, it needs to be clarified for the reader. Your rhymes were often refreshing and masterful.
This is a sweet poem that carries the reader through the wonderful emotion of being saved. Very nice rhymes.