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This is an awesome devotional. I can really relate to it.
Great devotion! I loved the unique story of the hand bells. Everyone always looks calm to the audience, but as you illustrated, we all feel pretty lost sometimes. I could feel your panic when no one could help you find the measure, and you tied that feeling perfectly to losing our way in life and realizing everyone else is lost too. Only the Father can show us the way.

Very nice use of the topic, way to go!
I found your entry interesting. I had no idea that hand-bell ringing was a skill that required so much concentration and practise. I was feeling panicky with you. This is a creative use of the topic and I like the way you put the message accross, loud and clear. Well done!
This is good. I had to chuckle a bit, only because I've been a part of many, many musical performances (though not hand bells) and have gotten lost countless times. I have felt like calling out "measure!" many times, both in musical performances and in life! I like the analogy.
Your opening paragraph was definitely an attention-grabber. Some spotty grammar issues noted, but they did not take away from the wonderful way you transitioned from the personal story to the spiritual application.

I could totally relate to this piece, having been in a handbell choir as a kid - right down to the white gloves and playing "Silver Bells" (that song must be required material for every handbell choir in history). :)

I love how you drew the analogy, and when I think about it, that goes for so many other things in life and how we so often try to do things on our own power or rely on someone else to take up the slack or carry us, only to produce such disastrous results. Your admonition to rely only on God's power, as the holy word commands us, should be so obvious - and yet I always finding myself having to relearn that lesson again and again.

Thanks for presnting it to me here, maybe I'll think of it again this week when I'm in the middle of some new disaster and it will save me a lot of heartache. Great, great job! And congratulation on moving up a level!
Your hand bell choir story was a perfect lead-in and illustration for your excellent devotional thoughts. I liked how you used the code word "Measure" to ask for help in getting back in rhythm! Nice job! :)
Great use of this topic for an inspirational and practical life application!
Splendid and touching devotional. God bless~
You did an awesome job on this piece. You were able to explain what a measure is for people like me who are not musically inclined while still not talking down to those who know the music world. Your transition into your spiritual part was seamless. Your message is inspiring and I loved the prayer.
Great job. And it "rings" true for me as it brings back a memory of my first state piano competition ( Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata in front of packed auditorium). Sitting on that piano bench in front of a 12 foot grand piano - the pervading silence - all I could think was if I can just get the first 3 or 4 notes in, I'll be fine. It worked out - I placed 3rd in the state - but the memory and lesson (as you've shown here)is far more enduring.
Whoo-hoo!! Happy Dance!!! Congratulations my sweet friend!
Congratulations on ranking 30th overall!
Congrats. God Bless~
Congratulations Barb! What a ministering devotional, reminding us to keep our focus on Christ. My heart was pierced, as I too, have reaped the consequences of teetering off God's path to fullfill my own desires.