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This is a very unique way of driving home the topic. You hit it flat on the head.
This is flat-out funny. I chuckled several times. I think you just about covered every "flat" idea out there.
Funny and interesting way of presenting the topic. I enjoyed it immensely. This piece was anything but "flat." It was three dimensional...thanks.

God bless~
This is great. I smiled SD zip read the banter between the two. I think you managed to cover almost every definition of flat.

Just a tiny bit of red ink. Once you had to instead of too. Also when he said it hurt my tummy. I paused at that for a minute because it didn't seem to fit his personality. That is just my opinion though.

You have a delightful sense of humor. I enjoyed it quite a bit. You also had a great message in there at the end. Nice job.