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I think your "3D synonym for 'shyness'" is a great descriptive phrase! :) Your football and church comparison gave me a smile. :) And thank you--I learned a new word, "immanent." I needed your message, especially, "His dreams are bigger than ours," and " He's leapfrogged over our hopes and desires." That puts so many things in perspective. And the "working--even in spite of us" - ouch to that, but it's so true.
This is a great message, and one that I certainly need to keep being reminded of, and it's written in a flowing, conversational style.

I like pastor Kelvin even more now I'm getting to know him better. He's in tune with God and knows how to reach the 'doubtfuls and troubled' with God's word.

Your idea of having an episode 2 is good. Please can we have an episode 3 because I'd love to know how Jeff's boss turned out.
Your 3D definition for shyness reminds me of something O'Henry might have penned. This lead into a great story with a moral that was not preachy, but honest and soul searching. Truths rooted out by faith's diligent digging shovel. Your characters are well-rounded, believable and sympathetic to the reader. Great job!
I agree with the other comments about your "3D synonym" phrase. Nicely done.
Just loved the way you wrapped this story up! I recently made a mistaken call on an entry not being on topic, without realizing that allusions to the topic were sometimes what this challenge is all about and you fulfilled that requirement beautifully.
God is working on things under the radar...I like that one...reminds me He is ever in control no matter how hard we try to change things.

This, as usual, is excellent.
Thanks for sharing your extraordinary talent once again.

God BLess, Lynn
This is great. And you're right. I DID learn a new word. Also, I agree with the others about the "3-D synonym" phrase. :D
Interesting story! I wouldn't have thought about spreading a longer story across several writer challenges. What a novel idea :) I look forward to reading your future installments.
A very resourceful and profound piece. Nicely done, interesting and clever.

Thank you. God bless~
Congratulations for ranking 8th in level three!!