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Your entry made me think about the different soils that we are planted in, and how our lives might not make it easy to bloom. I really liked how you ended with looking at the Savior's face.
I love this beautiful piece. I can relate to being planted in a dirt path and also a rocky road. This is touching and so true. Excellent writing. Thank you for letting me read this!

God Bless, Lynn
I like your 'blah' poem. It carries a good message in a few words. Nicely done.
I guess the challenge of being in whatever soil we are in is to focus on whatever fruit we produce for others' nourishment, or on the beauty that we display that inspires or pleases those around us. But then plants do these things without having to think about them, unlike us poor humans who are deeply skilled in the art of worrying.
I like the positive, hopeful note that you use to close. Well done.
I don't think this was a blah idea at all. You took a well known concept and made it unique and inviting.
Fate or destiny? Thought provoking and the last stanza gives us all pause to hope and believe.
This is powerful, poignant and peaceful. Your words layered me with a soft, gentle blanket as I wait for the time to bloom in front of Jesus.
You said that you stuck with the same 'blah' idea. But you approached it from a great angle. I like the idea of patiently waiting for the gardener instead of just making the most out of our situation. I really enjoyed your entry.
The meaning of this poem will reverberate throughout the land. Loved it!
God bless~