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This is such a positive and credible rebuke to all those disqualifying voices that needle us with our inadequacies. Excellent work.
This is a lovely devotion. I could so totally relate to it. I worried about my kids not getting the things that others longed for, but I soon saw a huge difference in my kids. They appreciated everything! They knew if a good day came, to take it and run with it because you never know when the clouds would return. I can remember them grumbling about having to do chores and joking that if we won the lottery we could afford a maid. Then to my surprise my teen son had thanked me for teaching him to do chores. He had taken a class that cited kids who don't know how to take care of themselves often end up in failed marriages.

I do have a tiny bit of red ink for you. Your opening paragraph was a tad confusing. I wasn't quite sure what "it" was. Maybe if you told the reader something like: I often wondered how I lucked out with having such incredible kids. At first I thought that attending church and homeschooling them made the difference.
By clarifying it right away, you will draw those readers in with the desire to know what makes good kids good.

I think you did a nice job. I could relate with both the MC and her daughter. Life can be hard but if we can give those trials to Jesus he can perform miracles way beyond our wildest dreams. Good job.
Very encouraging...God bless and thanks for sharing...
Congratulations on your placing. A well-deserved win for such a thought-provoking entry.
Congratulations for ranking 3rd in level three and 13 overall!