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An authentic story with great intereaction between the characters, laced into a beautiful message at the end. This was a joy to read. Thanks. God bless~
I LOVED this story. Such a good idea the parents had to keep their children from fighting. I wish I had known about it when my kids were young. Great dialogue and message.

God Bless!
Ten dollars a week! Good gracious!

Please don't tell that to my twelve and fourteen year olds who get $2.50!

I enjoyed your application of the theme "Cup," and I loved the way the mother handled the sibling rivalry. My only suggestion is to use as few exclamation points as possible, and instead, show the energy through words, unlike my entry here.
I enjoyed this story. What a smart idea - the 3 cups. I wish I'd thought of that when my children were young!
As I was saying......
Totally credible characters and interaction, and a great mix of threat and promise tucked into a "coin"cept that the kids could understand. Great work.
This is a darling story. I can't imagine a parent around who wouldn't be able to relate to the squabbling. Kids really can make a mom want to pull her hair out. But this mom is quite clever.

I will say I was a tad confused because I thought there would be 4 cups or at least 3 but then I realized one allowance was in quarters and the other in dimes. I also smiled at this sentence: curiosity was beginning to peek through her anger
I was ready to say you pique your curiosity with that spelling but then I realized you were using it as almost another character who was literally peeking out from the anger. It was a wonderful mental picture.

You did a great job with coming up with a story that was on topic yet fresh and fascinating. It was a delight to read.
Congratulations on your placing. Great work.
Congratulations on your 3rd place. Well deserved.
Delightful read and fabulous idea! Congrats on your ranking!
Congratulations on your ribbon and for ranking 17th overall!