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I enjoyed your story adaption of the first part of the prodigal son/loving father parable. You'll have to do another episode to finish the story. Well written. Thanks.
You did a lovely job of bringing the parable of The Prodigal son to life in a modern way. I also enjoyed the POV from the little sister's eyes as sisters and brothers do tend to see different things. You grabbed my attention right at the beginning. I was eager to read on and see who Terry was (I did think it might have been done from an animals POV first so I enjoyed the bit of mystery in the very beginning as well. You definitely nailed the topic plus gave the reader something to stop and really think about--how and the many ways that our family is a blessing. This was a pleasure to read.
I always try not to read the comments before I comment as it can influence one's opinion. So I wanted to mention that one of the things I liked best about this story is its open ending. It would have been quite predictable had Terry come home, but it wouldn't have seemed as real to today. Many parents or siblings lose touch with their loved ones and sometimes may never reunite. The open ending allows the reader to go where she needs to go with God guiding her journey. :)
This is a good job of bringing the prodigal son story into today's world. Very nice writing!
My oldest brother left home when I was three, and only came back once, I can feel the little sister's pain. I really loved this piece and think it is just wonderful. Thank you so much. This would make an excellent book I think.

God Bless, Lynn
This was an excellent illustration of what "blessed" means. Your contrast of characters is well done. I just wondered where that third brother came from! ; ))
A good solid story of a modern wayward son portraying the Bible story of the Prodigal. Well written and related.

Colin (Gold Member)
oops--My mistake--I thought there was a third brother, but a re-read showed the narrator was a sister. Anyway, it's an excellent story!
Very enjoyable read; and like most of your writings, very thought provoking and insightful. Taking the reader just on the edge of another's thoughts which could so easily be named as our own.
I love this modern re-telling of an old parable. I love Biblical fiction in general, and this did not disappoint.
Wonderful re-telling and I truly enjoyed the perspective of this well known story from the viewpoint of a potential additional sibling. Well written and thought provoking. Great job!
Very interesting and creative adaptation of the Prodigal from a sisters viewpoint. You cleverly wove her input into a well know parable as if she were part of the original story. Very enjoyable thanks!
Great job with the all too familiar story of the "Prodigal son." Nicely done. God bless~
Very well done, and an enjoyable read! I like the way you did it, with a little sister as the narrator. Nice touch!
Wonderful story of a modern-day Prodigal Son and you showed up the difference between them with clarity and no mushiness. It is truly an interesting take on the Bible story.
Sorry, I should have said the difference between the two brothers.
Congratulations for placing 6th in level three! Happy Dance!