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This is true devotional material. I like how you bring it to a close with your "pledge to promote the worth of your wonderful Salvation," because also others need to discover the same devotion as we know.
This is a very devotional piece and gives glory to God for our blessedness. Good job.
This is lovely. I could just feel the passion in each word and as I read it I could feel my heart calling out in prayer as well. The only red ink I have is no spaces before or after the em dash. It should look like this--just two hyphens close together that many word processors will convert. :)You did a fantastic job of covering the topic in such a beautiful way. I'm sure God is rejoicing at your words as well.
Amazing. This is very unique and it touched my heart in many places. Thank you for writing this. It blessed me greatly. I love the part about the giraffe... that was cute.

God bless!
Oh, mercy me, what a beautiful devotion to our Lord and have truly blessed my day! Wonderful writing!
I share your beautiful praise prayer in my own heart.
Beautifully stated. This leaves no room for mistake as to the writer's love for his creator. And, the reader is blessed to witness such devotion being expressed so well.
I love this. It almost feels like an extended poem. I especially loved the part about the giraffes. I also have used giraffes as an example of God's sense of humor. :)
This is simply beautiful! I was so moved by how you expressed the relationship with each member of the Godhead and how personal and each interaction felt. This is truly ... a work of art!
Thank you for sharing your heart of devotion with us! thoughtful and creative at the same time.
Lovely devotional entry. Moving and filled with love of our Lord. Thank you.

God bless~
I had to smile at your reference to God's sense of humor. I haven't heard many people mention that before, but another great example is the duckbill platypus! And just think of all the "exceptions to the rule" in His creation. Mammals who live underwater, birds that can't fly, bumblebees who shouldn't be able to fly but do... Thank you for a beautiful tribute to our wonderful God.
Congrats on your 2nd place finish ... well done!
Congratulations on your 2nd placing. Well done.
I love the imagery in this. What a beautiful love song. Congratulations on your EC.
Colin, So glad for you. A beautiful article with so much imagery.