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God does meddle so He can bless us. This is a paradox that only He fully understands, but He knows what He is doing, doesn't He? Good job!
I often don't see the title until I'm done reading, and it was so with this piece, but when I did see it, I chuckled and thought how perfect it is! It would also be an attention-grabber for those who do read titles.

The main red ink I have is the use of em dashes--two hyphens together without any spaces before or after-- and the ellipses . . . they can be quite useful to show that part of a quoted verse is missing or that the speaker trails off in his dialog, pausing for effect. If you use them too much it can be distracting to the reader, as well as it loses its punch, much like when someone uses too many exclamation points.
(Though I want to make clear, the above is only my opinion and they do have their place, but for me, if overused, it can be distracting.)

You did a terrific job of bringing the Old Testament story to life. It was written in such a way that I could really relate to the MC. You did a great job of showing the communication between God and the frustration of the MC. The message that we can talk to God today just like people from the Old Testament did, is one I really liked. You covered the topic and did so in a unique and interesting way. Good job.
A wonderfully creative re-telling of a timeless story. I absolutely LOVED the line "Worship maximizes my power while minimizing human challenges." That was powerfully. Well written and it flowed easily. Nice work!
This was a very insightful entry. Nicely told, and nicely done. Thanks.
God bless~
Awesome work and congratulations on your "HC" ranking!
Congratulations on your HC. Well done.