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This is a lovely devotion. I liked how you shared a real moment with us and then showed how God's timing is always perfect even when we don't think so Nice job.
What a hoot! At our house, we are on the receiving end... whenever we sit down to eat the main meal of the day, three ladies selling fresh vegetables come to our gate. It doesn't matter if it is an early dinner at 11:30, the usual 1 o'clock, or even 3 or 4 if it's been a busy day. We sit down to eat and the ladies are at the gate! At least now, we realize we are near the end of their circuit so hand them a glass of water to rest while we finish our hot meal. I agree, timing is everthing. Nice job!
I wonder if God is training you to be a telemarketer, because they always seem to phone our place as we are about to eat????
But seriously, this is well-earthed material that shifts our perspective from our own interruptions (to us or from us) to embrace God's view.
Good work, though some broken lines in the copy were a minor distraction. slightly
This was a well written story that had me smiling and laughing. I love the way you crafted into it the timeless truth of God's control and purpose in everything. Nice job!
I enjoyed your humorous mis-timing phone calls with your friend. You gave me a big smile. Then your urgent message that follows is very timely in this day. Thank you for this devotional.