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You did an outstanding job on this piece. Your delightful descriptions painted awesome pictures in my mind. This story has several examples of what it means to show and not tell.

The only thing I might question is not telling everyone who Mel Tillis is. Sure they could look it up, but most won't. I don't think I would have thought of it, except I once made a reference to Nellie from the Little House series. I was amazed that there were several readers who had no clue. Even though you did show him stammering which I thought was a great example perhaps a footnote or even a mention that when he sings his stammer totally goes away and he has an insanely beautiful singing voice might help those young-uns who have no clue who he is.

I think you tackled the topic in an ingenious way. I couldn't think of an idea for this topic and though stand-up might seem a natural choice to some you told it from a fresh and interesting point of view. This was a pleasure to read from beginning to end. Your story also has multiple messages from bullying to following your dreams. I always appreciate stories that have different messages for different people.
As I reread the story, I am flip-flopping on my previous comment. You did call him a superstar and also showed his stammering so maybe those who don't know who he is will figure it out from your words. It's always such a fine line between letting the reader figure it out and telling them things they already know. You did a nice job straddling that line. :)
Terrific job! Many of us can identify with your MC's jitters. I mean, who hasn't had to speak some line in a school play at sometime, right? I loved your vivid descriptions.
I really enjoyed your story. It was most engaging and so realistic that I expected it to be true story. But it was a great fiction tale. Thanks.
Great work. You paint the picture so well I can almost hear the roar of the greasepaint and the smell of the crowd. You also allow us a very credible inside view of your MC, but neither of these strengths gets in the way of the fun coming through. Loved it.
Nice job with this piece. You have nailed the topic, and in the process entertained us with the story, and the MC.

Thanks. GOd bless~
Well deserved "Highly Commended" recognition ... wonderful writing here!
Congratulations, Sister!!
This is great, Pam. I have had a lot going on, and haven't read any entries this past week, but I love this. Congratulations on your HC! Great story with just the right balance of reality and humor.
Congratulations on your HC. Very well done.
Yay Pam! Great job! Congrats and God bless!
Congratulations on your HC and for ranking 15th overall!
Congrats and God Bless~