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very interesting take on an old (and still funny) scenario. Lucy never lost faith that she'd win Schroeder's heart, either!!
I'm not sure why, but as soon as I started reading this, the tears welled up in my eyes. Actually if I want to be totally honest, I do know why I'm crying right now. My dad always called me Charlie Brown and I could definitely relate to him growing up. I wonder if Dad felt I was the underdog of the family. Being the baby, my feelings often were trampled by my siblings. As I read, I realized how important that faith is and I think you totally got the message that dear Mr Schultz was trying to help everyone understand. The message may be different for different people but you definitely took me into my childhood with this story. It's a place I needed to go but didn't want to. Thanks for that. :)
You remind me of an old book "The Gospel According to Peanuts" which also lets the cartoon have its own fun before linking it with a positive invitation to God's grace. Congratulations on maintaining the same genre.
What a GREAT message in this lovely composition! I'm a big "Peanuts" fan, and I'm very familiar with this scene between Lucy and Charlie Brown. You took the whole thing to a new level of understanding for me. Thank you for sharing your important insights!
This was an excellent story. It had so many components that provided insight into lives, past present and future. And, you did a wonderful job of describing Charley Brown and his attempt at kicking the football...and then tying it into a beautiful message.

Beautiful job! Thanks.

God Bless~
Great article..I love Charlie Brown...and he did have faith. Great message here and a good job!

God BLess
Thank you for the lovely article. I love Charlie Brown and it was good to be reminded of his faith. Great job.

God bless!
I think Charlie Brown may have gone through all those emotions; especially while lying on his back listening to Lucy holding the football. Perhaps even thinking, "Next time I'll miss and 'accidently' kick Lucy." Of course that thought would never cross my mind. ;)
Congratulations, Hiram!

Wing His Words!
Being a great Charlie Brown fan, I naturally loved this. It is also well written and give me great pause about my faith and about giving up on people sometimes. Congratulations on your HC. Well deserved.
I'm so glad to see that your wonderful piece did well in the rankings! CONGRATULATIONS on your "Highly Commended"! :)
Wonderful reminder of good ole 'chucks' faith. I appreciate how you wove the reminder from our Lord into it.
Well written and congratulations
Well done my friend, but your ititials give you a distinct advantage over the rest of us - HC = Hiram Claudio/Highly Commended ;-)
Yay Hiram! Good job! Congrats and God bless!
Congratulations on your HC and for placing 14th overall. This will always be one of my all-time favorites.
Congrats Hiram! Nicely done. God bless~