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this story is GREAT! I think I have a high appreciation for it, being I am nearing the 6th decade of life!! Thanks for a great entry!
I enjoyed your teaching tale, especially having done my share of teaching.Teaching is often like acting, as your MC was, in feigning anger. Well written and it rang true.
This is great. You had me on a roller coaster of emotions and I truly enjoyed it and emphasized with the MC.

I don't read titles very often and I'm so glad I didn't read yours because I think it would have given it away for me and I would have known why the kids were laughing immediately. But since I didn't read it until I started to comment, I enjoyed the speculations that my racing mind went to when trying to guess why the kids were giggling. You did a fantastic job with this and I learned a valuable lesson as my arms too are starting to jiggle and my daughter's wedding is coming up and I'm dreading the pictures. But your story will remind me that jiggly arms are funny. Thank you for that. :)
This was a great story! I loved it. Nice job with this whole piece.

Thanks. God bless~
Really loved this! Seemed very realistic. I would hear enjoyed a teacher like this.
I sat next to the girl in our class who stood up to tease the jiggly-armed teacher. I smile now, decades later, believing that that girl now has jiggly arms too! You handled this teasing magnificently! Very well written story.
Congratulations on a great piece and on your 1st place finish!
this is great.. I have been out of touch and not read entries the last week, but I love this. I have jiggly arms too! (^_^) Congratulations.
A good lessen from a great teacher. Humor, such a great healer. Congratulations, really enjoyed the story and what it reveals about life in general.
As a former teacher and a woman with arms probably preparing to jiggle, I could empathize with your MC! :) Thanks for the laugh and the lesson contained in this well-written piece! Also, CONGRATULATIONS on your 2nd place E.C. and your level win! Great job!
Congratulations on your win, and God bless you in Masters and beyond.
Great job, Phee! Congrats!
I thought you were describing my own early morning horror! This is great. Congratulations!
Superbly written story about the humor we women should, but don't always have when dealing with getting old. Sometimes it seems like a battle I may win smiling, while other times I simply want to cry about the odd wrinkles, sags and wiggles appearing in the mirror.
Thanks for this wonderful reminder about perspective!
Congrats. God Bless~