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Good move from a natural mistake to the challenge of facing up to deliberate mistakes and the damaging results they bring.
Nicely done devotional. Great progression from the story to the lesson. Thanks!
This piece felt like you were writing just to me. I'm a bit of a recluse and though once in the car, thoroughly enjoy the adventure but the stress I put myself before is ridiculous. My daughter is getting married in 2 weeks and though I am ecstatic that she found a wonderful man I'm letting my fears hold me back. Your prayer is one I repeated and pleaded with God. Thank you for that.
Beautiful devotional...I saw the connection to "funny" about your friend posting on facebook-that made me smile.

The rest was peaceful, and as always a lovely lovely piece.

Thanks. God Bless~
This was SO well constructed and laid out. Your transition from the comical mistakes in judgment to Balaam was wonderful and brought forth a powerful message. This was excellent!
This reminded me of the day my teenage son brushed his teeth before putting on his contact lenses and brushed with Bengay. He learned from that minty mistake. Great job with this devotion.
Congratulations for ranking 9th in level three!