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Great message and well written. This entry was a quick read that comes up a winner in my book!

Nicely done. God bless~
The narrator in this piece has a realistic voice. There are some awkward sentence constructions. Send me a private message if you'd like specifics. This is a creative take on the topic. Good job.
I enjoyed this (and I've worked out who the writer is!). It's good to hear a good news story of this chaplaincy role. Thanks.
Fire truck, ketchup, alimentary, mushroom for debate - to name but a few.

This entry could only be written by one person, and the line 'That meat better be cooked. I don't want it eating my salad before it jumps off the bun and trots away,' creased me.

On the whole an interesting tale, (though I'm not into track racing.) You brought it to life with your own brand of humour and created the atmosphere to draw the reader in.

It was refreshing to see the change in Dave's attitude. I may ship someone I know out to your next barbie!

What a nick-name, "sin-killer!" I had to smile at the "Fire Truck" and "ketchup," and I'm positive I could smell the barbecue smoke and the fumes, great sensory details. But the greatest part is the "work" you're doing for eternity. I thoroughly enjoyed this.
Loved reading this and the very creative, but natural way you tagged it to the theme this week. All of it, we very believable and it its own way uplifting. I liked the way you had your MC handle Dave - there are many of them in this world; and your MC's approach, humble and perfect.
Now you've got me thinking . . . I wonder if our local speedway has a chaplain; if not, I wonder if they'd like one! I grew up going to speedways - sprintcars were our thing. We even went for a family holiday to Warrnambool one year to see a national championship sprint car race!

These memories aside, your story - fact or fiction - was delightful. I loved the rather corny sense of humour spattered throughout; I especially laughed at the idea of his burger eating his salad because it wasn't cooked! So funny! And what a wonderful ending. Sometimes the roughest exteriors veil the softest of hearts. And I reckon God probably watches a bit of speedway, too! Well done.
Noel, the wordsmith, you're at your best with this one. I laughed all the way through, stopping only for the serious parts.

You absolutely nailed the topic in a very creative way; even in the title. Excellent!
A fantastic, entertaining read. Thoroughly enjoyable all the way through, wrapped up with a great message about our job as seed planters. Well done!
Great "atmosphere" with this piece! I could see and smell it all! :) Your puns and such were funny, but the serious thread throughout was well done. And the ending was wonderful!
Congratulations for ranking 7 in level 3!