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Oh, how I loved this story! My attention span is minimal- but I loved it from first to last! Beautiful thoughts and very unique.
I really like this idea! Wish I had thought of it for a poem! You've presented it well!
"smooth as talc" - Oh, clever! Well done... from beginning to end.
Excellent! A novel POV and written very concisely. Good job!
Excellent view point choice...don't you love that Scripture. You invoked a desire in this reader to hear those rocks sing!
What an excellent piece, and judging by the number of views you have had it will probably be in the editors' choice too. You somehow managed to make this realistic and not frufru, if you know what I mean :)
I've always loved this passage - it invoked wonderful images for me. Just like this - wonderful!
I liked the "smooth as talc" line, too. This was SO well-written - absolutely beautiful. Great intro, compelling story, and fabulous wrap-up. All-around WONDERFUL!
Very nice - very creative!
Wow! You got right in there and made me feel like a rock! Great job!
Wonderfully creative Jan!!! How did you ever come up with rocks from 'singing'? This was so well written-you're a rock star! ;)
Ooh, I love this! I especially like the way you compare the rocks' perception of time, comparing it to the baby's cry and the old man's gasping breath all being like in a split second. This is just BEAUTIFUL.
Great writing! You made the rocks so alive!
Wow! I got "spirit bumps" :) reading this! What a day that will be!
This is a great POV! Loved it!
I'll never view rocks the same again! Loved this line: "bloodless veins of quartz and silica". Well done.
Great job. I have always loved the thought that all creation--even the rocks--praises its maker.
I love this - the poetic writing, the novel POV, the underlying truth. Thank you