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What an absolutely adorable tale! That brother really knows his sister. I loved the way the father didn't just tell her the moon was there and tell her to get back to bed. His sensitivity was touching as he hoisted her up and took her to find the moon... to find the truth. That speaks a lot more to the kids than just being told. Obviously the brother didn't learn his lesson... and probably won't for a few more years, at least. Delightful read. Thanks!
Fun story and well written, I love it.
Ohh- I love the ending- the grin and then the scream! She's on to big brother now! Great story!
Ha Ha ! Well done!
(I thought it was going to be an eclipse.)
It's a great story and good characterization. I like your use of dialogue.
This sounds very authentic.

I love your portrayal of the sibling relationship and especially when she stuck out a chocolate covered, marshmallow, cream cookie tongue at her big bruv.

The whole story is brought vividly to life with your excellent word pictures.

It held my attention from the beginning to the end, where she's learned how to get one up on her brother.

I enjoyed this a lot. Great job!

Hilarious and interesting all the way through. An out of the box entry and great writing!
Ha-ha! What a great ending to this cute story! :) It perfectly portrays how siblings often relate to each other! Your dialogue is great, and I enjoyed the whole thing very much!
I loved this big brother teasing little sister tale. My older brother was so much like that. He seemed to get great pleasure in telling me there was no santa claus! Very well written and funny. God BLess
Also meant to say this is a winner in my book!
Cute and Creative. Loved your characters and their interactions. Very enjoyable.
A fun and an enjoyable read! Well done on an excellent written piece.
This is pure delight. It's a winner for me. The author, obviously, has experience with teasing siblings!
Yay Shann on your Highly Commended status! Great job!
Congratulations on your HC. This was a great fun read and well deserved!
In your own words Shann - HAPPY DANCE! You're so good at writing about kids. I loved this entry. Congratulations

Hey girl! I looked at levels first, and just now saw: not only a HC but an EC! Fantastic! Is that 3 for you??
Yippee! Major fireworks on the way so look out your window for some pretty flashy in-coming... I am so excited that dancing is just not enough. You rock, girl! An H.C. and an E.c.!
CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR E.C. for this sweet story!! Way to write!! :D
Congratulations on your EC! This was a fun read.
Congratulations on your EC!!!!!!!!!!!!

God Bless~
Shann, this was delightfully clever. I smiled the whole way through. Congratulations on your Editor's Choice award!
Harvesting moo goo hehe...super creative and winsome look at sibling games. Well done!
How lovely! "Moon Goo" what an extrodinary imagination. Congrats on H.C., well deserved!
Yay Shann!! Congrats! I've been out of town and just catching up on the challenge entries!
That's hysterical! Thanks for sharing. I am one of four siblings, so those kind of pranks were common. And they make the best family stories later on. Did something like this actually happen?
As usual, articulate, creative and a true joy to read. I love your stuff so much. Keep writing...