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This is a super creative tale. You definitely went outside of the box on this one. I have to give you props for your brilliance. I sense there is a much deeper message to this story. The more I read, the more I believed this was an allegory for homosexuality. Now perhaps I'm wrong and that wasn't your intention but I can clearly see the thread that ties it together and think you did an outstanding job of writing on topic while delivering a subtle, yet important message. Wow!
Very clever! You did a good job of getting inside the mind of depraved man, as well as what God says in His word.
Very well written and quite chilling. Michaels was very brave standing up to the other, but he actually wanted the bad publicity. Very clever.
Deep and dark, clever and creative is what comes to mind.

You've put together a truly unique story and written in a gripping style. Great job.
This is a unique take on the topic. I found it thought provoking and quite interesting. Good writing!
WOW!! Very creative and extremely disturbing! You have man's depraved human nature down pat! Michael's boss has such a sinister, twisted mind; but unfortunately, his predictions are on target!

On the moral level, mankind seems to be sinking faster and deeper into deception and darkness, and your story sounds that warning.

Excellent job!
On the level with alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, or even too much sugar or salt, people, when told it is not good for them, we do it or die...I understood this. and thought it was brillant! God Bless
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