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I wish I knew a tone to put this to. Sounds like a good song.
The poetry is certainly on key, love the sonnet, appreciate the haiku and the free verse ,well that just tops it all and gives it a heavenly finishing.
This is really good and you are a blessing to poetic creations.God bless you and keep this lovely art coming.
A very different style for you this time, but it worked realllly well. I think you did an awesome job on all three.
I like it! It's fun to work with new forms, I've discovered. I especially like your free verse. *shepherd*
The composition of this variety made it a joy to read. Loved how it was set up and how it flowed. I enjoyed this very much.
Ah, you've done well trying a new genre. Definitely "on key".
Nice selection of poetry - nice images.
What a treat to see you stepping into poetry for the challenge! Very lyrical and inspiring!
Ha! No fair--you entered three! LOL I enjoyed them, well done!
I loved the other two but the free verse is so fresh and direct. There must be a current tune to use with it...could almost hear it....'I
Lift hands. I
Cry mercy.' Beautiful
I knew there was something about your free verse that really resonated, and then today I came upon "We Real Cool" by Gwendolyn Brooks, which I have taught in the past. You two were really on the same wavelength...find the poem, you'll be amused. Again, great job!
What is a 'Shepard'?! Can't decide which one I enjoyed most so will just say "Well done". They were beautiful.
Hi Dub, love the sonnet in particular. There goes your excuse about not commenting on poetry! (Though I have noticed yo do.) BTW is that a typo in the 12 line? Yeggy
Excellent Praise/ Worship song to lift up voices to Sing!
I Love these lines “Singing the songs of our savior Jesus
Lifting our voices to give Him our all
Praying in song his grace is before us
Crying for mercy amid sinful fall” The Haiku, I am so singing in Glee! “Singing of the Father’s love
So freely given” “Hear His song. I
Singing with joy.” A Beautiful Write! Thanks for sharing and God Bless, Helen
That is personally my favorite style of poetry altogether. Makes it so much personal, and altogether uniquely yours.
LOVELY..bravo! God bless ya,