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This is such an informative piece. Childhood obesity is totally out of control. Somewhere along the line, parents thought, "Gee, I love my kids so much, I'll give them everything they want." Because of this attitude, we have a generation of self-indulgent instant gratifying brats. If we are allowing this to happen to their bodies, what are we allowing into their hearts and minds. As a wise person once said, One person can't change the world, but we can change the world of one person. That is where we must begin.

On a side note, I've struggled with eating disorders since I was in junior high. I never dreamed when I was a mere 90-something pounds that years later I would struggle with obesity. I've gotten into the mindset of safe foods. I tend to go through phases, changing what is considered safe every few weeks. But this year, my world is changing rapidly around me and I've been on a rice cake and honey kick since winter. Many may think the pounds should be flying off, but the opposite is true. My body is in a starvation mode and converting those carbs into storage lockers of fat.

Your words made me stop and wonder what I'm doing to my soul. God and I are going to have a nice long chat here in a few minutes, but thank you for your faithfulness and obedience. You never know how the Holy Spirit will use your words. Scratch that--someday you will be in awe of how the Holy Spirit used your words to save the souls of many.
This would make a good article in a Christian magazine dealing with health issues. I like the double message you presented re: both physical and spiritual health, as well as the use of the prodigal son to illustrate transformation in both areas. This works great as an article, but also as a devotional. Good job.
This is both informative and devotional. How we need to return to the basics of God's design of our bodies and His provisions to care for them--including myself here. Good writing.