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Wow! What a powerful story. I can't say much other than Wow. You took junk food to a totally different level and opened the eyes of all who read this. I sense there is probably more truth than fiction in this story and while it breaks my heart, it also screams the very definition of faith!
Wow is right. How heart-breaking that would be. Great story.
A super read of one of the saddest truths on this planet. This same scene is repeated daily in two-thirds of the world today. Your article has provided faces and shown us the hearts of these kids. Thanks!
A-maaazing take on the topic. Powerful opening line, GREAT use of nouns and verbs to describe the scene, heartbreaking, and outstanding in every way! We all need to take a long look at third world countries more often to gain a better perspective. I think our heart for the poor and our thankfulness for what we have would increase tenfold. The closing seemed a bit weak to me, although I'm not sure how I would change. Perhaps instead of the man telling them God loves them, you could have him sitting down with them on the ground, asking them their names, even as he fought back the tears. Anyway, doesn't detract from the beautiful message of your story. You need to be in the Masters level, I think.
So sad...

This touches the heart - making the readers realize how ungrateful we are for our daily bread.

Great story!
So great are the needs of many who feed on food disposed as junk. May our hearts reach out to them and our actions reveal God's love toward them, displayed through our willingness to give joyfully in sharing what we have with them. An excellent written piece. God bless.
This is an engaging story, though sad. It should paint a picture in our mind of the needs of others and of how fortunate most of us really are. Great writing.
This story was so well written. The imagery potrayed is stark and surprisingly blunt. It ommediately puts the reader right in the center of the tale.

The topic itself is heart-breaking. And yet, despite the circumstances surrounding these little guys, they have the faith to thank God for their blessings. I felt so ashamed, knowing in my humanity I've complained over less traumatic circumstances.

I know its early yet, but I already believe this story deserves 1st place.

To say, "Well Done" doesn;t even begin to properly congratulate your effort. But...I find myself at a loss for the right words.
I am sobered upon finishing this excellently written but very sad story. It certainly packs a powerful punch. CONGRATULATIONS ON BOTH YOUR E.C. AND LEVEL WINS!!!!! They are well-deserved.
Congratulations on your EC!!!!!!!!!!!!

God Bless~

God Bless~
I am stunned by the picture you drew with words. I see their dark faces smiling and offering to share their meal with a stranger. Excellent way to take the topic in a direction that gives the reader pause!
An out of the box approach to the topic that went straight to my heart. Memories of my time spent in Haiti came flooding back.

Great writing! Congratulations
on the win.
The salt (from your title) and the meaning from Scripture is just what is needed to help. Your story is haunting. I'm glad to see it received an Editor's Choice award.
Congrats Jack! Good job!