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This truly touched my heart on so many levels. Witnessing child abuse of any kind leaves a bitter taste in ones mouth.An interesting take on the challenge.
There is all kinds of abuse that people live through. I'm sorry youR MC had to live through this. Maybe it will wake up some people to what goes on behind closed doors.
Keep writing for the Lord! You have a great talent.
A very sad and different take on the subject. It makes my heart ache to know this and so many other things go on in this world today.
God Bless~
You have done a masterful job of putting the spotlight on a very troubling subject. No one wants to even think that such things are happening in our world, but the statistics confirm that they are. As Christians, we need not turn away from the light but reach in and pull the children out of their darkness and into the real Light. Not sure that it matters, but I wondered how old the MC was. How long she had struggled with her pain.

Nicely done.
Chunky puke, guts and bile. I like a bit of realism in an entry. This was sad but unfortunately true for many children. A different take on the topic and written in an easy flowing style. Well done.

ps ... where's the snot?
This is a unique and interesting application of the theme. Well done.
Oh wow. This is so powerful. You did a great job with this. I really felt connected to the MC.
Your story shows that normally sweet things can become bitter to us because of the memories surrounding them.

Your MC's remembrance of the sad event in her life seemed a bit hurried, but I know the word limit prevents a slower development. You did a good job within that restriction, though.

You covered so much territory in so few words!! A well told story and interesting --I think it will resonate with anyone out there that has suffered abuse at the hands of a family member and maybe help them to see that the other person's abuse was not their fault.