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I enjoyed this. The script format was intriguing and allows the reader to picture the scene as it unfolds.

As for the judges criteria, I fear your weakest one will be on topic. Though you mention sweet, it is sweet to the taste. You definitely touch on it, but some may find it a tad lacking.

With that said, I think your strongest criteria will be the beginning and the ending. You start out in a fresh way, that is interesting and the ending comes full circle. It left me feeling satisfied. It wasn't tied up neatly in a bow and I appreciate that.

In my opinion your absolutely strongest criterion is the message. Not only do you talk about how dangerous gossiping can be, but you also show how important forgiveness is. I can't imagine there are too many people out there who need these reminders. You expressed them in a kind and loving way and didn't come off as preachy or sanctimonious. Great read!
Realistic thoughts and dialogue, and a very interesting way of presenting the topic. Nicely done. God bless~