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Oh how I needed this giggle. I positively adored your story and could picture every bit of it! I thought at first maybe you had a chronic illness which makes shopping so much harder on the body than it should be. I'm glad you took me to the unexpected. I, surely didn't expect the MC to be a cherry-pickin' thief! Actually when you popped the fruit in your mouth my first thought was that's stealing! My second was what did happened to the pit. This was a fun read from beginning to end and you even threw in a lovely message and reminder that our attitudes can make such a difference. It's a lesson I needed right now.
Hahahaha! I enjoyed this cute story with mirth and a strong message to boot.

Good job. Thanks.
God bless~
Good writing, good strong sentences. I like the light hearted humor. Choosing a melon can be a bit stressful!
I enjoyed this little tale very much and was so into it that I became concerned about your 'knocked off' cherry stone. I was expecting you to spit it out at the accuser who tattled on you. Did you swallow it?
Congrats Brenda! Good job!
Way to go! Good writing!
Congrats...God bless