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I could feel the main character's frustration...and you did a great job of showing that second when everything sunk in for her, resulting in the return trip to the store. Very fast-paced action, good job.
You did an outstanding job on this. While I was reading I thought I should mark this story as an example of how showing the reader is so much better than telling. You have it down to an art form and had me at the edge of my seat throughout the entire read. Not only is it on topic but it demonstrates what a bad attitude can do- like ripples through a pond it can spread and pull others underneath. Likewise an attitude that is loving and caring also spreads like a campfire reaching out with a warm comforting glow. Beautiful bit of writing here.
Great job with this realistic plot. It can be so many of us in any given day. Nicely done...and well written. Good demonstration of how an "ungodly" attitude can perpetuate and affect those within their parameters and beyond.

Excellent job with this.

God bless~
I like the way you did this story with Lucy being confronted over her rotten attitude and the need for more fruit of the Spirit in her life. The only thing I would have liked to see at the end is her perhaps mentioning the need to apologize to those she hurt. All in all, a good story though. I especially love the part where she shoves the cereal in the freezer!
I love this. I saw myhself in it, unfortunately. Good writing.
I liked the opening sentence. It showed Lucy's frustration right off. I figured the way fruit kept popping up in the story it had something to do with the main point. Good job!
An interesting read I can almost feel the temperature rising in Lucy! You have captured an important point in your story very well. As church goers and followers of Christ, we certainly ought to always keep our cool in order not to dishonor the name of our Lord. Surely, we need to express the fruit of the Spirit instead. A nicely written piece.
Congratulations on your HC and ranking 11th overall!
Congrats...God bless