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Great job with the retelling of the familiar Biblical passage. A little humor blended in served as a treat and solidified the message.

I enjoyed this. Thanks!

God bless~
What an interesting pot pourri - sweat,wet boats,soggy nets and fish!

Retold in such an easy, flowing style; descriptive and with the unmistakable and characteristic humour of the author.

A unique take on the topic and a clever title. Great job!
I love this personalization of Peters vision of the Animals in the Sheet. A lighthearted and fun look at the undoubtedly serious struggle that went on within Peter. So visual and played well to the sensesmaybe too well with the aromas you had our minds conjuring up! :) Nice use of the topic! Enjoyed the read! Well done!
This is so interesting and well written. Great point well made.
This is great stuff....I really enjoyed the fisherman part as well....your writing captures the imagination and the descriptions are vivid.
Well written and made me smile!

God Bless, Lynn
Your word choices in your opening paragraphs of smells make them practically tangible. Great work! God's banquet of animals perfect for this topic. I had to smile at the "advising God is not a good career move for an apostle." :) Excellent message, I'm so glad salvation came to the gentiles (in light of that I love your title). :)
What an absolutely delightful entry. I particularly liked the beginning of one of your sentences... "But then sleep evaporated..." A little twist on a familiar story with a bit of humor added. Good combination!
This is an intriguing story. You had me smiling at places but you also touched my heart. I enjoyed your character. I'm not a hundred percent sure that i understood the animal clouds. Though I suspect it was God's way of telling the Jews that animals that had been forbidden before Christ were now blessed by God. The title really fits the story and is a perfect way to help my mind truly understand what I was reading (I think) but even if it wasn't exactly what you meant God still used your words to bless me. Nice job.
Okay after a bit of research I realized you were referring to Peter's vision in Acts. Part of my illness makes me forget things that I had once learned. Although I know I've read the passage before it didn't click until I reread it. Thank you for reminding me that I do need to read my Bible much more. When I was healthy I used to read it twice a day. Now I have more time than ever but don't read it as often. Thanks for your words as they helped God get his message through to me!
I really enjoyed this version of the Bible story told from Peter's point of view. You've done it really well. Thanks.
This was a wonderful story that gave new insight to Peter's vision up on that roof. I especially liked the line "advising God is not a good career move for any apostle." So very clever ... and true. Nicely done!
Congratulations in ranking 9th in level 3!