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Great job of the retelling of the "Prodigal son" - I loved the ending..."did you tell Him?" Nicely done.

Thank you. God Bless~
Great take on the topic and well told through a familiar story. I enjoyed this throughout.
I like the possibilities you have filled out in this story. You've written this so well, and everything about it flowed easily.
This was amazing on so many levels!

I loved how you explored the relationship between the prodigal son and the older son AFTER his return and the sensitive way you dealt with the older son's anger. I thought the exchange between them where the younger son says "You're angry" and the older one says "You're an idiot" was priceless (still laughing at that one). This was top notch writing!
I really enjoyed this modern take on the familiar parable. I like that you shared both brother's POV. It reminded me a bit of my childhood. I was extremely close to Grandma and visited her every day. My sister didn't come around as often and when she did Grandma instructed me to wait on her. Everything needed to be perfect for my sister. Later I shared how I was a bit jealous that she was so special to Grandma. My sister told me she was jealous on my relationship with her. My sister was treated like an honored guest but I was like family. I now see what a huge difference that was and am so grateful that I was close enough to grandma that I wasn't treated like a guest. Your story really touched my heart and took me back to that special time in my life.
I thoroughly enjoyed this. What a great telling of an old, familiar story. You did an excellent job! God bless!
Congrats! God bless~
Good job Wilma! Congrats!
I'm impressed with the magnificent way you recycled the story of the Progial Son.

The title was a perfect fit.

Congratulations on your win!
Fantastic story. Congratulations on a job well done.