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You've created a beautiful picture of the Wind (Holy Spirit) blowing the scent of sin away. Well written with a very lovely ending:)
I really like this. It has a good message, but isn't preachy. I liked the portrayal of the grandma.

So many great lines too like:
"...but the talkers of this world tend to conveniently dump their life history on one as quiet as Susan."

"Maggies back held up the inside of her apartment door,..."

"She smelt, she touched, she searched until there was nothing left to search through, and then Maggie cried all over again."

This was my favorite line:
"Bring her to the end of herself, so that she can find the beginning of You." This should be the prayer of all our hearts. Good job!
Well-written with a good message. I think many of us have been in that situation to some respect.
I loved your style and how you presented this message. Very nicely done.
I feel as if I know Maggie, just by the few words you've written here. Masterful.
You got a lot into that word limit! Where would any of us be without praying Grandmas or other loved ones? I enjoyed your story. And glad she/we can turn loose of those things that hold us away from what God has for us. I really enjoyed this story! Thanks!
How courageous of her! Letting go is the first and hardest step. Great story:)
Interesting approach to the subject. Enjoyed reading it. :)
What a touching and winsome story. I agree about those lines being great quotes. Well done indeed!
Well told! great job!
Well done. I really got to know the characters. It was original and intriguing. Has to be a winner!
What an incredible allegory of the hold sin has over us and our reluctance to leave it behind. Well done.
Awesome writing. I could see Maggie, Susan and Gwenyth. Especially Gwenyth! I love her. I agree with the comment about the great lines, too. You have a way with words! :)
Great story, and I love the title with it. You described each charactor so well that I felt as though they were real, and people that I can associate with. Endearing message. Good work! God bless ya, littlelight
Particularly loved: 'Gwyneth, Maggie needs your prayers' and Gwyneth's immediated obedience. Also the well written thumbnail sketches of all your characters that made them come alive.