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Hahahahahahahaha. A sheer concoction that was a completley enjoyable read. Loved the title. As always, another beauty filled with humor that only you can produce!

Thanks. God bless~
This entry couldn't belong to anyone else but you.

It's a fun read all the way through and I especially like the Shakespeare line - to chew or to eschew, that is our digestion.

Full marks for being on topic and for packing so much detail into the word limit without going on walkabouts.

As always, impeccably written.
This was very punny! Your work indeed gives you away as our resident punnologist. I also enjoyed pondering the difference as when people grew their own food and had far less choices than now. More is certainly not always better. Thank you for an enjoyable read!
One eye-rolling, groaner pun after another! I don't know how you do it. This is a memorable article for sure.
First of all, my favorite reference in your entry was "constant culinary kaleidascope!" You obviously had fun writing this entry and it shows. It put a smile on my face as I read this delightful piece. When you refer to hamlet, should it not read "Hamlet?" Minor point in this delightful entry! Very nice work!
Giggling all the way through this one. What a clever and delightful play on words you have! This is one of my favorites, especially the line "..inherit the girth." Good job and wonderful read. God bless!
This is wonderful...all of it..and when I was small I lived in a place called "Bridgeboro" it was a bourough with a bridge! When we wanted a snack, we went to our grandmother's plum trees or peach orchard or picked blackberries. Sometimes we would eat tomatoes straight off the vine with a stolen salt shaker. This really takes me back and thank you for this excellent piece!
Congratulations for ranking 6th in your level!