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Wow. That was an incredible story and incredibly told. Well done!
Wow is right! That was beautiful and heartwrenching!
Sad...but so well written. I was immersed as if I were there. Great job!
Remarkably moving. God breathed, but I didn't from beginning to end. Chillingly beautiful.
We can never forget -thank you for this powerful piece.
What a terrrific heartwrenching story! How awful to have to endure such an infamous time in history. Thank you for sharing this well written story:)
A clear winner in my estimation. This is so well-done it takes my breath away (no pun intended). Truly excellent work.
Compelling, touching, moving, and in the end rewarding. Lovely! God bless ya, littlelight
Yes, a very sad story, told well. The small details of the louse and the work with the shoes gave a strong sense of place.
Excellent! I loved the details and wonderful ending!
Wow. Congratulations. Intense.
All I can say is 'wow'. Congratulations!
This was awesome Ann! Congratulations!
Congratulations on your well-deserved win. This was brilliantly written!
A masterful piece of writing! This may be the best entry I've ever read. Thank you for this offering.
Ann, congratulations on your 1st place in both the Editors' Choice and the Level 3 awards. You really are going from strength to strength and it has been wonderful to watch you moving up the levels. Can't go any further now, but I'll definitely look forward to seeing more by you in the future. Congratulations again! Love, Deb (Challenge Coordinator)
Congrats Anna on this! Very well written! Enjoy your #1!
Amazing...absolutely amazing! Thank you.
Wow. The judges certainly knew what they were doing.
Sorry, I don't understand latkes, sufganujet, menora, dreidel or Heshem...but if the Judges picked it as number must be good! Congratulations and keep writing...
Very very Good!Congradulations Ann!
You captured the feeling.

Congratulations Ann from a BoB judge! The first ever two-time winner (in one contest!) You consistently (and persistently) worked your way into this position and your placing is much deserved. Your work speaks for itself. Enjoy your time in the sun. Blessings, Lynda
Wow Ann! I figured you would be in 'there' and I'm not surprised at the 'first ever' double placement - enjoy this time and let us shower you with our love for your work. Awesome Ann - and so are you. May God continue to bless, increase, and use your talent. Love, Pat
Congratulations! I am always touched by the annointing that shines through your writing!
Ann: Your work has such depth and feeling. This was an outstanding entry ... and as a BoB judge my opinion counts! Your skills and polish are becomming legendary on FW and this piece is your best example. Congrats and great win!
I came here to congratulate you on your award, and found a piece that moved me beyond words.
Thank you.
What a moving story. I've got goose bumps on my body and tears in my eyes. Great writing.
This piece is quite chilling,
and surreal. The memories of conversations among my Jewish family still cause me nightmares. I can only pray that God, in His Infinite Wisdom, used this horrific chapter in human history, for His glory, and the benefit of all humankind. I do believe
that the Light of God overcomes all the darkness of
What a powerful story written with such finesse and excellence. It is another example of Genesis 50:20. What is intended for harm is used by our faithful Father for our good. Your story has moved me. I am reminded again to never take our freedom for granted and to trust Jesus to stand with us when it is taken away. Thank you for being a vessel of God's blessing to me this morning.
WOW - I am new here, but if this is what I can expect from writers here, I have come to the right place! Your imagery is amazing, and the story so gripping. God has blessed you with a great talent!
This is very good. I have never heard this story told with such peace. Usually, the writer focuses on the shock, the harshness, etc.

It still made those points, but from a different perspective - one who knew God and found peace in going to meet Him.

Very thought provoking.
This is one of the best pieces of literature I have ever read. This is so very awesome and totally deserving of its placement! Congrats!
Um, I'm speechless.

And God Breathes...this is an amazing piece. It kept me glued until the ending. It brought tears to my eyes and heartful feelings for those who went before you and of course, when your number was called, my heart ached ... but through Him life is eternal.
The article is deceptive in the best of ways. It takes you in the front door with a scene of innocence only to let you out of the back door by way of death, death that you have identified with in a brief span of words without knowing that's how it would be. This is a very human piece of writing in the best sense.
I'm not sure how to comment on such a piece as this. All the words that come to mind fall short of what it is. Truly God breathed on you when He gave you this to write.

It's beautiful.
Wow. My heart.... what to say. Just wow.
Thank you for sharing this beautiful gift. God breathes through you...
The Father is consistently speaking to His children. Thanks for writing down what you heard Him say. Absolultely Spirit led.
At the precise moment of reading this article, my husband called to tell me that a native Virgin Islander from the St. Croix National Guard, lost his life in Iraq. And I must say your article was quite comforting. And God Breathes...- truly beautiful.
Absolutely amazing. The is such a deep incredible work of art. Congrats on the success of this wonderfully real tale.
Whether this story be true or imagined, I was certainly taken there. At first I went willingly, but as soon as reality set in, I wanted out. I wanted to leave or at least turn away. But I could not. My mind and my eyes were fixed; I felt the poor girl's delemna. THEY want us to believe these things never happened. Thank you dear writer for taking us back there again, as we journey there often, though dragging our feet, we must return. How else will succeeding generations take the plight of the Jewish people seriously, unless we are fed this story over and over again. Lest we forget!

Where eagles fly,
Made me breathe in with God and hold my breath.
Ann, how do you possibly top wow or amazing for a fitting description of this writing and its story! The depth of this is simply indredible, a true empath into these souls.
The child's observation of the louse reminded me a bit of Shakespeare's King Lear and his lament over the death of his daughter Cordellia; in part it reads: "Why should a dog, a horse, a rat, have life,
And thou no breath at all? Thou'lt come no more,
Never, never, never, never, never! Pray you, undo this button." King Lear, 5. 3

Why indeed? But I think you answered by the words of your title. "And God Breathes..."
this article touched my heart. your story telling is skillful. what a great gift.
Profoundly moving! I have no words.
Ann, I remember reading this a couple years ago. It was one I printed out and put in a file I've titled "Favorites From FaithWriters". You've captured the essence of hope for better things in this life versus hope of living eternally in God's kingdom.

Beautiful story! Thank you for sharing your heart with us, your readers.

Congratulations on being showcased this week.
You remind us that freedom of mind and soul are not confined to the limits of our physical realities. Thanks for pulling us heaven ward out of the midst of the hell that men create. masterful writing. A good inspiration for all of us.
I’m just reading through some of the most viewed challenge entries. I can see why this one is up there! Wow! What an incredibly moving story.