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Adorable and fun! This story has all the elements I just love to see in children's stories... all in one single article... suspense that has the expectation of something good, kindness and understanding in the adult-child interaction and the interface with the MC using a book to tell a story, plus a terrifically good couple of life lessons! How'd ya ever capture all that in just 750 words? Great job!
Wow - well done, and filled with all kinds of messages and meanings throughout. Good job, I really enjoyed this. Thanks.
God bless~
Awww, I love this story. So cute. The only red ink I have is that I don't think beetles have bones or cheeks, so those parts gave me pause. But otherwise I loved it!
A lovely story that is well written and an enjoyable read. Good job!
This story is absolutely adoreable! Your character building is phenomenal, not only in your creatures, but the people as well. I thoroughly enjoyed this well-written, descriptive entry. The only thing I saw in my perusal was that you spelled Del(l) two different ways. Excellent writing!
Cute ending! I liked "Bea" and "Del" the beetles :)
A really creative approach to this topic and a heart-warming story. Well done.
A cute, well-told fable that I'm certain would be a comfort to many wee, little ones. Maybe to even some not so wee and little, too. : ) Nice jobs
I think beetles have their own kind of bones and their own kind of cheeks and I absolutely loved this story. My grand daughters would love it too. Great writing, Shann, as always,

God Bless, Lynn
Meant to say my grand daughters WILL love it, Im gonna show to them!
"Charming" is the perfect word for this story. . .and I loved the last line!

God bless you Shann~
Oh this was really cute! I like the down-to earth vocabulary used instead of being "PC"! Congrats on EC.
Congrats on a well deserved 2nd place ribbon and the EC standings as well!
Yay Shann! Congrats on your well deserved placing! :)
Super congratulations! So happy for your placing in the number 10 spot. Well deserved.
Oh, I loved this charming story and story-within-a story! :) Very well-written with nicely-drawn characters! CONGRATULATIONS on your E.C.!
Love the story, and I'm SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!! Congrats, my friend! You deserve it!!!!!!!
A whopping big congratulations Shann. I love this cute tale and you told it soooo well!
Two-Four-Six-Eight.Who do we count among the greats? Shann and her lightning bugs! Okay a bit of high school nostalgia invading there. Even-so, it is true. Congrats big time. See all those little bums glowing your way... that's lightning bug applause with a flying ovation!
Congratulations Shann, for your EC and for your ministry of encouragement to all of us FaithWriters. Great little story within a story. Excellent work.
Congratulations Shann! You deserve your 2nd placing in L3 and your EC placing too. Well done!
You are on a roll, friend. I love the MC's problem and the way you overcame it.
Congratulations on a well deserved placing.
Such a cute and lovely story! Well done! I love the little story within a story.
You've put we readers in the scene very well,educated us at the same time and left us with a take-home lesson that we can apply in life. Well done.