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Oh I love this. You had me snickering at the three imagines (I would have deflated the balloon quicker than Flora) I think this story has so many messages in it. Sometimes we worry and fret too much about our part in God's plan that we tend to take control and not give him the reins. Now I'm not saying you did that at all, just that sometimes that can happen to me. Seriously though, you never know how those words we speak or write will impact others. I'm willing to bet someone in that congregation was touched in a way you can't even imagine. Perhaps with Flora's ranting someone realized the money they were going to spend to improve their property would be better spent helping foster kids get items they need to feel like part of the family. The Holy Spirit works in many ways. For me, your story lifted a heaviness feeling off of my heart and allowed me to restart my day with a good laugh instead of the fear and pain I was starting with an hour ago.
I loved this story, was chuckling beginning to end! You truly have set quite a vision into minds, not only that day with Flora, Vicky and others…but with me too, for it will be difficult to read that scripture again without envisioning your “multi-million dollar elder-care maternity ward”
Needless to say, that was quite a memorable sermon for your congregation! I loved the line “my thought-flow felt as planned as a potluck dinner”...great explanation at how you felt at the moment! But even in the humor it really was an effective sermon, for it truly brings home the shock of Abraham and Sarah being parents at so advanced an age. Makes you understand that though faithful, Sarah would laugh at such a thing. This was so well written I felt as if I was right there watching it all! And I am still smiling! Great job!

Thanks for the biggest laugh of the day! Loved it.

God blessa~
What an amusing, delightful story, especially for those of us past child-bearing years! Yowzers, no maternity ward for me, thank you very much! LOL Good job, well written and so glad it's a true story! God bless!
oh man! I thought your creativity with the sermon very clever! I'd have enjoyed the live version of your potluck sermon. And in a "truth is stranger than fiction" moment, last Sunday (yesterday) we had a potluck followed by a long-overdue business meeting. One of the things our group decided was to give a love gift of money to the single moms to help toward school expenses. One of our elderly brothers who doesn't hear so well, was confused, he thought we were giving the love gift to "Senior Mom's." :)
You have a natural gift for story telling (even if it's true and being retold - which in my book takes a greater talent). I so enjoyed this and could see everything, even dear ole Flora. And the emotions felt by the pastor - they were so authentic that I had both compassion and empathy for him the entire time.
I really enjoyed this. It was nice to look into the mind of a sermon developing - most don't understand what it takes. This was special for me. I enjoyed Flora too and began to wonder how many over the years I left ... in the maternity ward. Nice work!
I can more easily imagine a geriatric maternity ward than I can this actually happening during a pastor's sermon. Oh the hilarious horror! Nice job. :)
Congratulations for ranking 6th in level three!
Congratulations Noel, on what you once termed 'a near miss.'

This is very entertaining and, as always, well written.

I'm still planning to get that bus trip organised to pop over and hear you live.