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I enjoyed reading your thoughts. I too enjoy people watching and often concoct stories about who they are and what they are doing. The one thing you want to be careful about is not to mention the challenger or FW in your story because the Editor's Choices get selected for an anthology that readers may not know anything about FW and its challenge. Though your story isn't about a bunch of different types of food but of different types of people it is still on topic.. That's what really makes things exciting in life. Two people may seem similar just like two pans of baked beans but one might be quite sweet and tasteful but the other bland and dreary. Nice job.
I love it...a potluck of people. I struggled with this topic, not sure why as I have spent my whole life with potlucks of various kinds. Clever take on the topic, well written and great visuals. God bless!
A character driven entry with startling recall and details. An all together delightful approach to the topic at hand. Great job.

I loved the "diaper dilemma" comment. Hahahahahaha.

Good stuff. Thanks.

God bless~
Don't you just hate it when someone brings Macca's into an enclosed space! :-P

I really enjoyed this story. I possibly would have come along on the journey if the first p/graph was omitted, but I see why it's there (and I did love the reference to the red car-sized suitcase!).

Your style of writing is very personable and easy to relate to. Your descriptions aren't flowery or "OTT" but give us all we need, in a humorous manner, to make a very clear image of the situation, in this case the potluck plane passengers!

Well done on a great and creative entry!
Great touch of whimsy and self-deprecating humour. Wonderful evocative images that squeezed me into one of those seats near you - those that must have been designed by people who are unaware that passengers have legs.
Thanks for the trip. It was great fun.
This story was SO much fun! I completely enjoyed all the clever quips about the different smells and sounds ... especially about the "college boy's" meal of fries and chocolate chip muffin (only in college does that work).

I too thought the idea of a potluck of people was extremely creative and fresh. This was very well written and an enjoyable read. Nicely done!