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This was absolutely wonderful; I had tears in my eyes as I read it. What a wonderful director you were to plan special events such as this. My dad is in a nursing home and to my knowledge they have never had a picnic, with food grilling and songs playing! The elderly in nursing homes have so little left, for offering them a “pot-luck outing” day like this, regardless of the work involved…well you were certainly an earth angel and a awesome and wise director! But too, I can relate to John’s pain at putting a parent in there. No matter how good the facility, it is so hard. Your title is perfect for I could envision “the transformation” of the faces as I read the story, even the transformation in John’s attitude. I know you have a reward waiting in Heaven for the light you brought to the eyes and hearts of those who so much of society chooses to forget. Excellent, touching, well written…I loved having a glimpse into this special real day that gave more than most of us can even imagine. This was a blessing to read!
This is a lovely story. I think you did a great job of setting the conflict right away, making me eager to find out what was wrong with John. I wish there were more homes like the one you described in this story. All too often, our elderly are just shoved off in some nursing home practically forgotten bu loved ones. I've been both a RN and a patient in the hospital. Often my roommates were elderly ladies and I felt this strong protective feelings for them. It bothered me that some nurses were too busy or too annoyed about having to answer the same questions. Your story is full of hope--hope that it doesn't have to be a bunch of people waiting to die. You really touched my heart with this story.
A lovely, lovely story! Fun things we take for granted, like a nice potluck with special music, means so much to these dear ones in a care facility. Good job! God bless!
This is beautifully-written, with such vivid and energetic descriptions of the sights, sounds and smells of the day.
Above all, it's flavoured with respect for the residents and for John's professional and personal challenges.
Thanks for your warm and clear insights into providing nursing care for people whose recovery takes a whole different direction to most nurses' patients. Great job.
This was simply amazing! I enjoyed this piece from beginning to end. The pictures that your words painted were so clear and vivid (I could really smell the scents coming off that grill).

And the message is timely and powerful. The loving heart to care for these residents, the concern for the grumpy co-worker, then the compassion for his own fears about his mom, ... the story was simply riveting. And the ending was a perfect and fitting conclusion. This was awesome!
An excellent piece showing us that it's all worth it despite the extensive pre and post efforts required for such an event! Too often we fail to realize that while the preparation and the clearing after may be difficult and time-consuming, the success of the actual gathering is key, especially when it comes to a gospel meeting.

Thank you for sharing this. God bless.

Delightful and insightful read! I so totally agree with the above comments and really don't have more I could say about this excellent piece. One wonders if John has ever thought of the hours that go into preparing a Thanksgiving Day dinner, as well as the hours that go into the clean-up for the thirty minutes it takes to have the gathered family eat it! Such things are never equal, but it's not about being equal, is it? Your article so clearly shows us what it's all about!
What a wonderful, blessed time for the residents. I enjoyed reading of this ministry.
Camille this is truly delightful and so touching. The residents and staff were very fortunate to have such a kind and caring director as you. Thank you for sharing this heart warming event with us. God Bless.