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May I come to your kitchen to sample some food? Sounds so good. I could smell and taste all that you have described so well, even heard my favorite piece "chopin's Polonaise" playing while I ate. Thanks, I enjoyed this piece!

God Bless~
Wow what a powerful story. You have me shaking as I read it. With my nursing background, my ears perked right away at the mere mention of keeping track of so many things in the kitchen. For a Master Chef like the MC that would be second nature and when it is mentioned I feel the conflict building with each beat of my heart. You commanded my attention from beginning to end in this bittersweet article while nailing the topic in a fresh and unique way.
This is beautiful and poignant. Your flashback to the main character's memory of her mother's stumbling while playing creates a powerful parallel that shows, rather than tells, what is occurring in your MC's mind. I also really like that it ends with powerful optimism. Nice job.
Very original article, and sad. However there isn't despair, but hope. Well written!
What can I say? This was effortless to read. It flowed SO smoothly. The kind of writing where you forget that you are reading something and get lost in the story. I LOVED THIS!
This drew me in from teh beginning. I felt so much for the MC as she took such pride in her cooking. Then my heart dropped as she was driving eat out and remembered her mom's demise and rooted for her when she determined that her time was not yet. All these feelings were stirred in me ... the sign of truly wonderful writing!
This was superbly written, causing me to feel the anxiety of the MC, then her remembrance of her mother's demise and her own determination to go forward in hope instead of fear. Well done. God bless!
Congratulations on a well deserve 1st place ribbon and for finishing 4th on the EC list! Well done!
Congratulations on you EC! This is a great story, and well deserving.
Wow, what a beautiful story -so imaginative, so creative! Congratulations on your EC.
I had to read this twice to make sure I was understanding what was being said. That's a compliment! This is one of those reflective pieces that causes you to pause and give thought to what you've just read and consider its profound depth. Congratulations on your EC - very much deserved.
Amazing writing. A very worthy win. Congratulations.
You have packed so much into this without crowding any of it.
Beautifully descriptive of your kitchen details, your culinary skill, and your grasp of the moment. A well-deserved win. Congratulations.
Congrats! God Bless~