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Interesting and clever use of the topic. I liked the different style of presenting, and the realistic dialogue with the MC's. Thanks. God bless~
This was a fun and innovative way to deal with the topic. I had some delightful giggles while reading this. Good job.
This was fun ... and the idea of a scripted play for the entry was very creative. I thought it flowed well and kept the reader's interest. I particularly liked the various exchanges between the three MC's and thought Bob's character was well developed.

Maybe it's me but ... I thought the line about "Jesus" when Marcia opened her shows was a bit forced and not sure how it helped the story (or if this were in real life how it would have helped her show - other than being a statement of her faith I guess). It just struck me as an odd place for a mention of faith.

Overall, I enjoyed this well constructed piece.
A humorous and inovative take on the topic. I too thought the bit about Jesus didn't quite fit in. But overall, a fun read.
A different approach and clever. It seems like a lot of thought went into it, and was on topic.
Fun and delightful read. Enjoyed the dialogue. Well written. God bless!