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This is lovely. I instantly flashed on my own teen daughter when I started reading about Kelsey. There is just something special about how Daddy's little girl can wrap him around her finger. It also made me reflect on the arguments my husband and I have had about the way he gives into her. I couldn't see how my daughter might think those fights were her fault until I read the story from Kelsey's POV. To me it';s obvious it's my husband's fault :) Okay yes, I'll reconsider that too. Thanks for a charming story that gave me great insight into my own family dynamics.
Touching and made me smile. It pulled at my heartstrings creating a crescendo. I love both of my parents it's true. But, my relationship with my beloved late father, was a special bond that will last for all eternity. Nicely written. Thank you.

God Bless~
I like the way you have led us into the tension and built the suspense towards a moment of healing at the close. Well done.
I was drawn in immediately. This is such a poignant, touching story that is excellently written. You did a wonderful job on so many levels. The ending is my favorite part. Love this. God bless!

This was VERY well done. A touching story where you follow the full spectrum of emotions in a typical teenager when in such a difficult and streesful situation. Being one who LOVES happy endings with hope ... I love how it ended with the mom and dad "together" getting the title symbol of your piece.

This was simply and truly ... special!
Congratulations! God bless~
Congrats Genia! Good job!
Congratulations Genia! A well deserved "highly commended" recognition for an AWESOME story!
Congratulations on receiving your HC. Excellent writing.
Congratulations on ranking so well! The feelings of your characters were easily sensed, and I'm so glad it had a happy ending...
Wing His Words!
Congratulations on your Highly Commended placing. Your story is lovely and you tell the emotions well. I enjoyed it. Thanks.
Congratulations on your HC and for placing 17 overall!
This is a skillfully written essay on many levels. I enjoyed the "family values" essence of it. Thank you.