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Wow, the ending really took me by surprise. It wasn't at all what I expected.

When I first started reading the term purple prose came to my mind. You did an outstanding job of describing the little details and that goes a long way in painting a picture for the reader. However, for me personally, I'm not as interested in what color eyes someone has or what the place setting looks like as I am in the actual exchange between people and the conflict in the story.

However, when I realized what you were really describing, I chuckled at the purple part of the purple prose. How perfect is it that the color that stands for royalty fitted the way you described every detail at the Lord's table? -- A bit of tongue in cheek genius is my opinion.

Normally I might encourage you to not use such flowery and exact definitions but stick to things that are vital to the story. However, once I realized that what I was picturing, then the details did seem vital to the story.

I think you did an outstanding job using the imagery to describe the indescribable. I was a tad curious about the empty seat and wanted to know if the person would turn his life around and be able to take his place beside Jesus. For me, that air of mystery made the story even more intriguing.

I think you did nail the topic and did it in a fresh and unique way. When I read the words that Jesus spoke, I felt a slight chill and fancied him saying those words to me some glorious day!
Okay, so the banquet is a picnic! Why not? Sounds like a gorgeous affair with the King of Kings and His father, according to your elegant and fantastic description. I just loved how it all fit together. Beautifully done!
Oh my goodness, wow. Do I have a looonnng way to go or what? This is about the most beautiful thing I have read on this site so far. Seriouly, breathtaking, and I felt like I was there.

God Bless You! Lynn
How does anyone describethe indescribable? Exactly as you have done.
I love how you have woven such detail into the story without letting it take over - as it threatened to do at first. To keep reading was a blessing. Well done.
One of my favorites! You painted a wonderful picture with words. Well written! Good job! God bless!
What a wonderful and so vivid description you painted here! I was so moved by the scenes your words constructed - I could almost hear that melodic stream in my head.

I was also touched by the conversation between Molly and Heather about the "others" they thought they'd see there but didnt as they asked "Where is everyone else?" Even in a setting of such fulfillment and beauty, a reminder of some of the sober realities that exist, even at that everlasting "picnic." You mixed the two in such an amazing way. This was excellent!
I really liked your picnic peice! So good to finally read somw of your writing! Very well done! Blessings, Ruth Brown