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Wow! You took me where I didn't expect to go and what a treat it was! I could so relate to the MC watching her husband as if watching a stranger. I often feel like we are just people who happen to live in the same house.

I thought this would be a slightly sappy love story with a message of hope. Instead I found myself on a roller coaster ride full of suspense and twists and turns.

I like the open ending. Even though part of me was hoping the MC would take the boy in and give him a life where he didn't need to worry about feeling hungry. But that would have been tying it up into a neat little bow and making the story less believable. It is a story of hope but not the story I was expecting and for me that's a touch of genius!
This sobering piece hit the topic perfectly, and held a virtual cornucopia of truth. Nicely told and done. Good job. I loved the touching ending. God bless~
Very skillful and economical writing, which invites us into the scenario and gives us room to get our own feel for all that is happening. It could have been melodramatic, but you kept that element right out of the picture. Very well done.
Beautifully done!
This is touching and has a great flow, as well as the underlying fresh touch between the MC and hubby. I loved it.
This is definitely one of my favorites! Engaging and interesting from start to finish! You did an excellent job. Such an enjoyable read! God Bless!
A great story and so wonderfully expressed. The transition from the couple that had grown distant to the trio that now involved a fugitive teenager was so seemless and well done. Then to sneak in the moment the couple shared before the MC goes to call the police and him saying "We'll be fine" ... I sensed that had a meaning for the wife on many levels as she gained - or regained - some insight into her husband.

This was such a blessing in so many ways. Awesome job!
Congratulations! God bless~
Congratulations! This was very deserving of your placement.
Congrats Addie! Good job!
What a ride! This one hooked me in from the beginning. I identified immediately with the time of life, and then the unexpected twist topped it off. Congratulations!
Congratulations on your well deserved 1st place ribbon!
Congratulations on your win. You packed so much into this entry, but the judges found just enough space for a first placing - and it fits pefectly! Well done.
Congratulations on your first placing! This is gripping and moving writing. Well done!
This was interesting from start to finish. Great pacing and a smart choice in avoiding a sappy fairy tale ending. Congrats on placing 4th in the EC list.
Congrats! God Bless~
Oh this is so relatable! Well done. I can't really add much more than what others have mentioned already but this piece with its unexpected turn is so cleverly written. I love the little repeek that the MC had of her husband's character and the moment they shared when he called her sweeetheart. I too was hoping that the couple could maybe take the youth in and help him but the ending was more realistic. You could continue this story I think with so many ministering to the teen who fell asleep nearby.:)Great job!
Congratulations on your win!~(I forgot to add that to my previous comment.) :)