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Interesting and fun! I could easily imagine being at the town picnic. You do seem to favor long sentences, which can get confusing. I had to go back and reread a couple to make sure I was understanding your piece.
This is sweet. I think every little community has something like a picnic or festival that we can remember fondly.

I yearned for even more details or some type of a conflict. Perhaps add some dialog about the boys teasing your sandwich making ability and you setting off to prove them wrong. Another idea might be to turn this into a devotional with a matching Bible verse and a prayer.

The memory is important to you after all of these years. I like that you shared such a vital part of coming into adulthood with me. I can totally relate to how little kids can handle the cold water when we adults do turn blue. Nice job.
Your sandwiches sounded yummy and made my mouth water! :) What a great summer picnic memory you shared with us!

One suggestion would be to break up your long sentences a bit. I felt almost out of breath reading one of them! :)

This sounds like a fun picnic. We all come to points when we realize we're not nine or ten any more. lol The policemen joining them was an added touch.

I'm also one of those people who has difficulty chopping sentences into smaller bites. I work on it constantly.
Very descriptive entry as you outlined the food for the picnic.
Your second last paragraph is too busy and needs to be broken up. This would help you to fill out a good story and wrap it up without leaving loose ends, for you still had over 300 words within the limit.
Good description. Made me want to make a sanswich! I had a creative writing teacher who told me he destests the word "so". It usually isn't needed. "So, we went..." could be "We went..." "So, since it was so hot..." I don't destest the word so, but I do try to use it very sparingly.
An enjoyable read. I too could see places where a few more details about the people involved, and breaking up certain paragraphs, would add more intrigue or pop to it. I really enjoyed the part about the sandwich making. I could feel the pride in wanting to show off. Good work!
Short in its entirety, but long on memories. I enjoyed this lovely rendition of "earlier times" when life was so simple. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed it immensely. God Bless~
I did read the article from your link. You are absolutely correct in what it says about long and short sentences. Maybe I won't work quite so hard at making mine shorter. lol I don't think I'm good enough to keep things clarified if I use too many long ones, though.
Love that you shared such a delightful memory! I agree with the advice in the other comments. Take to heart all the helpful advice and it will improve your writing skills! Also make me crave one of those sandwiches you described so well. God bless!