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I really enjoyed this story. I could easily picture it all unfolding in just about any retirement home.

Something I just started working on in my writing is POV shift. I used to think if you told the story in 3rd person then you could see into everyone's mind but in reality you only see what the MC knows. So if you can see that Henry is thinking he wished they would be quiet then you can't go into the lady's mind and tell the reader that she silently agrees. It's like the reader can only know what the MC knows. So you can't say she was angry but you could say what she looks like that makes the MC know she is angry. I think it's kind of complicated and it's something I just started to notice.

I absolutely love the ending and it comforted me in more ways then I can ever express. Since I've been little I've had severe panic attacks when I think about dying or the rapture. Even though I have faith, I've never quite been able to wrap my head around it. This week has been super tough for me and Henry's words helped me tons. Thank you so much. God bless.
I just love these characters: Pauline, Dorothy and Henry. I could just picture it all. Good for Henry for telling it like it is. Good job! Well written. God bless!