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I enjoyed this. Glad they remained friends so Kristy could be available when needed. It's pretty convicting to me, not to have a disdainful attitude, even if I know someone isn't getting their answers from the Bible. Jesus hated sin, but loved the sinners. How glad I am!
This was an interesting story. I enjoyed reading the two different opinions and how people change as they mature.

The biggest things I would advise is to work on more showing then telling. Show the reader the MC is frustrated by clenching her teeth and balling her hands into fists. Also you used a lot of exclamation points. I think you'd be surprised if you counted them.

You did a great job of writing on topic. You really showed how politics and religion can be volatile subjects. I also really liked the ending. Nice job.
Boy does this article hit home. I know of a few well meaning family members who have a hard time calling a truce on political matters vehemently disagreed on on both sides. I try to roll with the punches, but sometimes feel like a punching bag. Sometimes it'a hard to know what to say.

I love the way you ended this. Keep up the good work.
Hi -

GOD certainly has ways of getting our attention. That's for sure.

Thank you for this interesting piece that has lessons indeed.