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I agree that a relationship with the Lord is a totally up to the minute thing, that He is indeed involved in everything that touches us, and we need to be more mindful of it. It is and exciting and "abundant" way to live. I enjoyed this entry.
This is a sweet story. I have no doubt that GUS is with us all of the time.

Some things you might want to consider is to work more on showing and less telling. For example in the beginning you tell the reader that your going to illustrate your point. Instead jump right in with showing us what your point is. I think this might be week on topic but they did say it was open to the reader's interpretation this quarter but I think most people think of current events more as stuff on the news. I see where your coming from though.

You do have a nice strong message with good scriptures references. It's a good reminder that the little things in life are important. Also, if it's important to us then it's important to God. Nice job.
Greetings -

There is sweetness in this read. Thank you. Yes, our Lord is in even the smallest matters. That's so wonderful and comforting to know.

Please note:

- Paragraph two... - "Spring" shouldn't be capitalized.

- Paragraph three - "how long the wait" is a bit awkward...

- Paragraph five - Period after "relationship" is misplaced.

- Paragraph five - You mentioned that GUS...has no arms... GOD does have arms.
One scripture that indicates that is Isaiah 51:5 - KJV. Also, I couldn't locate in Scripture that GOD has legs but Exodus 24:10 - KJV states that He has feet. I'm assuming that His feet are attached to His legs. Relative to vocal cords, I don't know of any Scriptures that state that GOD has "vocal cords" but the Bible does express that He has a voice.

Again, thank you for this read that contains sweetness, and assurances that GOD cares...

A great reminder that God cares about the little things. Loved the baseball story. God bless!