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I'm foundering here. Not because of your article which I consider top-notch, but for lack of coments in general as well as number of submissions for the challenge. I've been in the far country of an ailment 4 years- will be 4 this July 5th and things seem very different around here now. But back to your article: I often use your servitors when considering a topic, usually all 6 of them and even another: WHICH might be useful WHEN (this could get crazy, you know) trying to distinguish between identical twins. I love your creative idea of personifying the ? words. Praises for truly discussing the topic rather than asking and answering a ? like I did. How did this get so long? :)
This was brilliant. A powerful insightful commentary, with a profound significance overall. I thought it on topic, and done in a completely ingenious way. Thank you for this.

God bless~
Congrats on being 8th! God Bless~
This certainly is a unique take on the topic. I never thought of different types of questions as serving men. Very, very interesting.