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You've done a fantastic job of helping us feel what your MC is going through. The huge lump in my throat and falling tears are proof. Beautifully done, with great sensitivity to all who suffer this dibillitating and isolating condition.
You've managed to capture the emotional and physical "torment" so well with this sweet, yet powerful entry.

Angoraphobia is a debilitating disorder that affects so many, and this beautiful story described it so perfectly.

I was so happy at the end with "graduation" for both...what a major accomplishment for the MC and her daughter! Loved this. Thank you.

God Bless you~
Hi -

So glad she conquered! Such freedom in her graduation.

Please note:

The sentence that begins, "Hey Mom..." - should state "didn't allow me to..."
I am certainly no expert, but I really liked this. I like the way you handled the true condition behind this fear. It poses a great risk to many people. Your MC was real in her fears and in her victory. You carried me right along with both! Thanks
Oh, this is great. I loved it, and was hoping the MC would conquer her fear!
Hook, line and sinker. That's how much I fell for this MC and her family. The daughter and husband, loving, encouraging and motivating; but also playing second fiddle to an MC with a journey ahead.

Thank you.
I got caught up in the emotion of this piece. I think that is a sign of a good writer.
Excellent writing, my friend. You put us right into the MC's head and helped us to feel her fear. Stayed right on topic, too. Good job! <3
The ending of your story put a smile on my face; you did a very nice job in describing the fear of leaving one's house. I've known people with this problem and it is agony for them. Your story read smoothly from beginning to end. It was truly a graduation day for both! Nicely written!
A lovely story. Well done!
You managed to show the heart of one who feared, one who trusted God, and one who loved greatly--all with one person! Excellent story!
Congratulations on placing #9 in Advanced Level! Well deserved.
Congratulations on placing #9 in Advanced Level! Well deserved.
Shann-I always enjoy your entries. This took me right into the heart and mind of the MC, feeling her anxiety. Good job and congrats!
Congratulations Shann. This is a story of triumph and written in a style that really draws the reader in. Great job.