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Very strong introduction that moves into some solid reminders about responding to the call. However I'm left up in the air about what happened to you, because you have not returned to what your intro indicates. I'm assuming that you followed the call, but I'd love to know for sure.
This is a well-written piece. It is scary to leave our comfort zone. God may not call us all to be missionaries, but he does have great plans for us. Good job!
Hi -

There's dynamite in this piece.

Thank you for blowing up for JESUS.

There is nothing that compares to the fire power of Almighty GOD.

A blazing we go...
This is a real look at RISK for those of us living in a world of plenty. Thank God that you egg us on to leave our comfort zones to gain that which is promised to him who goes without looking back at that which is left behind.

Good piece, very well written.
A beautiful reflective piece that truly brings deep thoughts to mind. Good job...God Bless you~
You wave the banner of encouragement so well. The opposition is out their marching to the tune of that old song "God is dead". Let us overtake them with our shouts of "He is risen!" Great article; so well done.
What make sense may sometimes not be what God has planned for us. It takes much faith and courage for us to move away from our comfort zone to follow the path of obedience. You have done well in conveying this truth and message so clearly in your story. Good job on a nicely written and encouraging piece.
Great application of theme. Like Noel, I would like to know what happened to the MC and her husband....

I loved the line "the greater the risk, the greater the reward." Thanks for sharing. Like others, I'm assuming the MC and her husband took the risk. God bless!
I have a passion for missionaries and your entry seared deep into my soul. These men, women, and more often than not, children, are our arms, our legs, our voices into the remotest of earthly places while we remain here in a safe environment. You have captured your own love of missionaries in this entry and my hat goes off to you. You did an excellent job of conveying to the reader even a small portion of what missionaries sacrifice in the name of Jesus. Thank you for your reminder, and thank you for an entry well-received and appreciated for its subject matter and your ability to write it with such passion as to provoke a response such as mine. God bless you! Excellent writing!
I loved the part about the older couple taking the abandoned child. This was a wonderful article and I so wish I had the nerve to do what you say.....God Bless;

I loved your opening sentence - a really good hook! A little red ink...I was really into the story, but something happened.
Your article traveled down many "paths." One brought me to a dead-end - the story about your family's decision - and second part of the article led me to multiple paths. In my opinion :-), this interrupted the flow of the narrative. The shift from one "path" to another was too abrupt and lacked a smooth transition from the first half of the article to the second. It's okay to transition from the first path to the second,etc, but I would have used the final paragraph to return to my original story. In my opinion, this would have made for a better conclusion and not left the reader wondering.