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This is intense. I wish there was a bit more as I had a little but of difficulty understanding all of your message.

I often feel like I min's things in poetry so it could just be me. You might want to write the Bible verse out as I fear most won't look it up.
The poem sounded familiar to me. Medes sure that when you enter the challenge that you don't submit previously written material. The last bit doesn't seem familiar so maybe you added more to it. You are allowed to rewrite material bat it needs to be a complete rewrite.

The last bit really touched my heart. I know human trafficking is still more of ad problem than we can ever imagine. I really wanted to read more to know what happened to the missionaries. Nice job.
Very challenging material.
This piece was confusing, as it appears the first part is a poem written by someone else? If that is the case, there should be a reference to the author...the bottom paragraph tends to elude to that as being written by someone else, so this reader was not sure if this is a short commentary on the poem, to contrast it with some historical facts about the missionaries?

I would suggest that after challenge, submit this to the Critique Circle for some help in making the message more clear, or to bring out the best in this piece as a devotional.

Beautiful ending...Peaceful and soothing....Thank you.

God Bless~
Thank you for the very thought-provoking message of this poem. Christians should never be complacent, hiding behind the comforts of their church. We should all be willing to take risks for Him, the bravest One who ever lived. Well done. God bless you.
You've beautifully combined intense, powerful movement, with fragility, and grace.

Great application of theme.
A thought provoking piece showing the sacrifices some are willing to take in order to bring the message of the gospel. The question for us to think about is, 'Are we willing?' Thank you for sharing this. God bless.
I was so moved by the Moravian missionaries sacrifice to share the gospel. Very touching. Thanks for sharing. God bless!
Nice job Mike ... and congrats on the 3rd place finish!
Congratulations! God Bless~
Congratulations for placing 15th overall!
Great job, Mike! Congrats on your place!
Very well done Mike, very well done.