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This is beautiful. I can't imagine doing what the MCs do but am so impressed for all of those who risk so much to bring God to other places. This is a riveting story.
Loved the humanity and the humour that you have included in mission work, which is so often portrayed with so much spirituality that most of God's people feel disqualified.
Hi -

This is a sweet precious read indeed.

Thank you for sharing that our Lord is worth the risks.
No one and nothing is as worthy as He is!
This was really a wonderful piece on some of the small prices our missionaries pay for spreading the gospel!

Really entertaining!

You have captured well the real life of missionaries in an under-developed country... hours and hours of mundane, sometimes dangerous, and usually muddy work for the priviledge of sharing the Word of God just an hour, or less, with folks who've never heard. Well worth the risk... and laundry labor at the end of the day. Nice job with this article.
Amen to that! The name of Jesus Christ is certainly worth all the risks we may take. The ministry of delivering Bibles to the unreached people is still going on today, and you have captured in essence the dangers of such a ministry in your story very well. God job on a nicely written piece.
You've done a very nice job in showing just a portion of the risks Missionaries take in the name of Jesus. They deserve our praise as they are our voices in countries far from our shores. Thank you for your take on risk in this thought-provoking entry. Very nicely written!
I loved that Annie and Gina found humor in their circumstances, even in frightful conditions. I love missionary stories, and this was a good one. How sweet that they had converts at the end. God bless.
I love the title; with God all things are possible! The mission action story is both humorous and humbling. Your characters both risked leaving their comfort zones, in order to share the gospel.

Wing His Words!
Congrats on placing #13 in Advanced Level. I loved this entry!
Congratulations for placing 13th in level three! HAPPY DANCE!!
Missionary stories intrigue me and yours held my interest from beginning to end. I didn't suspect the girls were on the mission field until the snake appeared and then when the young ladies stayed calm and kept their peace I pretty much figured it out. God today is still performing miracles for those in his employ. I love it.
Loved this captivating tale Camille. Congratulations on placing 13th.
A great read! Their daily sacrifice is more than I can comprehend. God bless them!