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This is a great story. You drew me in immediately with the ladies gossiping.

The only thing I struggled with Was when your used the phrase Officer Matilda. I kept picturing a police officer, I know you showed she was an officer of the church, but still struggled.

You did a great job building the conflict. So many pastor kids really struggle but they are like any kid. We do need to be aware of all the kids in our church and support them.
Did you know why pastors' kids turn out the way they do? By playing with other people's kids!!!
But seriously, I love your characterisation, but how sad that Matilda saw her role as a witness - for the prosecution, instead of for the Lord!
Ouch! The old "what goes around comes around" axiom strikes again!

Loved the whole story, this would make a great basis for a book!

This was so entertaining. What a great story. Great dialogue, good job.

God bless~
A clear message of what it means by being too quick to judge. If only all of us would be sensitive toward each other and not pronounce another in self righteousness, much could be changed for the better. Thank you for showing these points in your story. A nicely written piece and an enjoyable read.
This is a great story, and sadly, portrays so much truth on how some Christians react in these circumstances. Praise God for Paul's victory. It had a great ending. God bless!